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Last updated 12,Sep 2015

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Itinerary and whereaboutTravel Log is a website in which one can request a traveler to purchase and transport a souvenir from the country the traveler is traveling to.

Anyone can register to be a traveler/transporter. This site will make it possible for souvenirs to brought from all over the world but at the present time we are in testing mode and I am the only traveler registered.

Please read below to understand how this service works:

1) When I travel abroad, I will blog about the interesting Japanese products that you can’t find at any other place in the world. The products will be categorized and tagged by country and region. This can be also used as a search tool when looking for related products.

2 ) People who are interested in the souvenirs, please post your questions or request to purchase in the comments section.

3 )If I happen to be still in Japan and am able to purchase the products I will register the products on to the SHOP page.

4) One then can add an item to the shopping cart and complete the purchase using a credit card payment via Paypal.

5 ) After processing the order I will either mail or deliver the product after arriving to your country. (There will be an additional shipping and handling fee depending on the location and type of product. )

The products I find will be up on pinterst before the blog. Please check pinterst if you want the latest information . If you click or put the mouse on the photo (PC) and hold the ( smartphone ) a heart symbol will indicate interest or “Like ! ” which can be used as a reference for what will be selected for the products on the BLOG.

Also, for people who already know that they want a particular product or souvenir please send me a detailed description, location and purchase price of the item(s) through the CONTACT page. You can also check the MAP to find my current location during my travels.