Hey Airbnb friends

Hey guys, it was really great meeting you and having a chance to talk about my project! I feel honored that a lot of you, especially you Brian Chesky, liked my idea. As you see, My site is just under an experimental stage, and there are not much to see at this moment if you don’t understand Japanese. I try hard working on it, but traveling, putting items on our webshop, writing blog articles on the go is something really demanding. I hope you could wait for a while. If there are anybody who is interested in my project, I am having a small garage sale on the houseboat on Seine River under the eifle tower from 14:00 tommorow
to put some cook Japanese stuff on sale so contact me!

I have learned about what happened last night after I posted this. I am sorry and sad for the tragedy, but I still keeps high hope for the better and more peaceful world. Let’s not give up on humanity and pray for Paris.